Abstracts submitted to Symposia must comply with the following rules:

- The title of the abstract should be written in capital letters;

- Full name of | a author | a (or authors | as), in uppercase and lowercase letters;

- Name of the institution to which the | author | a (or authors | as) is (are) linked, if any;

- E-mail contact;

- Indication of the intended symposium;

- The body of the Abstract must contain the object of the research, the justification of the thematic relevance, the research methodology, the hypotheses (objectives) and the final or partial results obtained. The formatting of this content must obey a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500 words;

- Mention, at the end, of 3 to 5 keywords, separated by semicolons;

- The Abstract must be presented in one of the languages ​​accepted by the Symposium, according to the list available on this website.

DEADLINE: Abstracts must be submitted from 9:00 am on April 30, 2020 and until 11:59 pm on June 25, 2020 (Official Times of Brasília - UTC-3).

SUBMISSION: The submission must be made by filling in the "ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM", available above, and later submission through the link, also available above.

CO-AUTHORITY: Abstracts written in co-authorship by a maximum of 02 authors | as will be admitted.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Each author | a may submit only one Abstract for evaluation. Abstracts cannot be sent simultaneously to more than one of the Congress Symposia.


Selection Criteria: Abstracts will be evaluated by | the Coordinators | of the Symposium according to the criteria of pertinence of the theme; problem identification; study objectives; methodology; and relevance of expected / obtained results.

Publication of Approved: Only the list of approved Abstracts will be published on the official page of this Congress, starting on July 06, 2020.


List of Approvals: The list of approved abstracts, per Symposium, consists of a minimum of 05 (five) and a maximum of 10 (ten) abstracts.

List of Conditional Approvals: It is allowed to | the Coordinators | as to select, when possible, another 03 (three) abstracts that will compose a list of conditional approvals. On the date of publication of the Approved Abstracts, the authors of this list will be notified by email.

Registrations of | the Authors | as of the List of Conditional Approvals: The abstracts indicated for the list of conditional approvals can compose the Symposia in the following hypotheses: a) When the | a (a) author (s) of approved abstracts express (m) expressly, with the Organizing Committee, the withdrawal of participation before making (in) the respective registration; or b) When | the author (s) | of the approved abstracts do not register in the deadline provided for in number 19 of the notice.

Communication of Vacancies: The | The authors | those nominated | as for the list of conditional approvals will be informed | of this condition, by e-mail, and will also receive, by this means, all the necessary guidelines for an eventual registration. The Scientific Committee of the Congress will only open the deadline for registration of | the authors | those indicated | as for the list of conditional approvals if there are still vacancies available in the Congress.


Participation in the Symposiums: All | the | authors | those registered | as in the Congress symposia will have up to 10 minutes to present the research, and there is also the opportunity to debate with | the other symposium colleagues. When both the co-authors of the abstract are present, the time of 10 minutes should be divided between them. It is possible for the work to be presented at the symposia by only one of the authors of co-authored abstracts, however, only this one is guaranteed the Certificate of Work Presentation in Congress.

Date of the Symposia: The symposia included in the Official Program may be held on any of the days of the Congress (morning or afternoon), with the choice of the day and time at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.


Certificate of Presentation of Work at the Symposium: All | the | authors | those who are present at the Symposia will receive the respective Certificate of Presentation at the Congress by electronic means (via email), within 07 (seven) days from the end of the Congress .

Participation Certificate: All | the | authors | the participants in the symposia and the listening participants who register their presence in at least 02 (two) days of the Congress will receive the respective Listener Certificate, electronically, via email, by 07 (seven) ) days after the end of the Congress.

Publication of the Proceedings of Abstracts: All participants who have approved abstracts and who register regularly, under the terms of the Notice, will be guaranteed the publication of the research summary in the Electronic Proceedings of the Congress.

Publication of the Annals of Complete Articles: In addition to the abstracts, the Annals of the Congress will include the publication of complete articles, to be delivered, optionally, by | the authors | to the symposium participants, between the 26th of October and the 23rd of November 2020 , by complying with the following requirements:

- The article must be sent by email: contact@cidhcoimbra.com;

- The article must be presented in the same language in which the research summary was written and approved;

- Word format (doc / docx); A4 sheet; Source: Garamond; Body: letter 12; Alignment: Justified; with single line spacing; with an upper and left margin of 3 cm and a lower and right margin of 2 cm; containing at least 07 and at most 10 pages, including the bibliography. The title of the work must be centered, capital letters, font 14, highlighted in bold;

- The first page must be presented with the following elements to identify the work: 1 - Title and subtitle (if any) of the article in Garamond font; 2 - Name of each author | a, in full, followed by institutional affiliation, if any, and academic and professional qualifications, aligned to the left of the text. All data on the title and affiliation must be presented in full, without any acronym; 3 - Summary and keywords. The abstract must have a maximum of 1,000 (thousand) characters (considering spaces), without acronyms. The keywords, which identify the content of the article, must be a maximum of five words; 4 - All works cited in the text must be included in the references presented at the end of the article, in alphabetical order by the surname of the | a Author | a. The essential elements for the identification of a document are: name of the author | a, title of the work, place, publisher and year of publication.


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